Get More Website Traffic In 7 Minutes With Social Sharing

Everybody can agree that you need to be actively using social media if you are a local or small business in order to stay in front of your customers. Facebook has over 955 million active users and is one of the world’s most popular and trusted websites out there. Google may be number one in traffic, but people spend more time and view more pages on Facebook than Google, according to ComScore data; yet, knowing all of these facts, so many small business owners just can’t seem to figure out how to use social media to promote their brand or to get their employees engaged enough to use it.

How do you use social media for your business today? Check out , “The 3 Stages of Social Media” to see at what level your business integrates social media in your marketing efforts. Fortunately, this is not another article about how to use social media to grow your business. Instead, I’m going to discuss how to make your website social friendly so that your customers can use social media for you to rave about your business.

The Internet is about connecting and sharing information. Some of the most popular websites on the internet are social utility sites like Facebook (#2 on, Google being #1), Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, etc. There are hundreds of social utility sites and your customers use them everyday to connect, share, and yes, even to buy. A quality website or blog that is sharable across the different social media platforms can greatly increase your website traffic as well as customer engagement, loyalty, and positive reviews.

How To Increase Website Traffic?

Having a quality content rich website with social share buttons throughout your website pages and blog posts can significantly boost target traffic to your website. Social share buttons help your visitors easily share your content, with a click of a mouse, across their social media platforms. The most important buttons to add are “Tweet This Link,” “Facebook ‘Like’ Button,” “Facebook Share Link,” “LinkedIn Share Button,” “+1 Button,” and “Google+ Share Link”.

How To Add Share Buttons To Your Website?

Adding share buttons to your site is easy and it’s free. If you have a WordPress site;

1. Log into the admin area.

2. Go to plugins.

3. Click on “add new plugin”.

4. Search for “share buttons”. Select the one that best fits your website. A few popular social share plugins for WordPress include ShareThis, Slick Social and Get Social. Click here to see The Top 10 Best WordPress Sharing Plugins.

5. Click install and then activate.

6. Go into the plugin settings to configure your buttons then click save.

That’s all there is  to it.

If you can update your website or have access the HTML code, you can generate a custom share button code at then copy and paste the code on to your webpages and posts. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this on your own, contact us and we will be happy to help.

Now your website is social media friendly and ready to bring you more traffic.



This post was written by Sandra on September 10, 2012

Sandra is our professional SEO Specialist/Consultant who is dedicated to helping local business owners understand how to market their brand online to drive target traffic to their website and grow their business. She can be reached at

4 Responses to “Get More Website Traffic In 7 Minutes With Social Sharing”

  1. Nice post, Admin. I’ve had success using the “Really Simple Facebook Twitter Share Buttons”. It seems to load efficiently and since activating this plugin I’ve noticed our sharing numbers have increased. The only pain was it required some customized styling to render properly at the bottom of my posts.

    Sara Fargoons

  2. Sandra says:

    Sara, I’m happy to hear that you’re getting good results from adding share buttons to your site. Adding them to your site can be a bit challenging, I know, but well worth it. Cheers.

  3. Like any effective business practice, social media requires a well designed and executed strategy. Plopping up event photos and latest news on Facebook is cute, but it doesn’t begin to tap into the potential of a unified, multi-channel social media strategy. Case-in-point: Abri Credit Union. With just 63 “Likes” on their Facebook page, Abri needed to expand and engage their social community. TheWEBcentric helped Abri establish a step-by-step social media strategy that produced measurable results in just four weeks of the first phase of implementation.

  4. Joey Ambrose says:

    Thanks for the input, Trent.

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