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What is the difference between a Post and a Page?

If you want to add new content to the site, chosing between a Post and Page can be confusing. Here is a brief explanation of the differences.

A Page is meant to be more static, permanent content. About Us, Contact Us and Home are all examples of Pages. While these pages should be updated from time to time, the content will remain mostly the same. Pages have order (which position they are displayed in the main navigation) and a hierarchy. If it should be a main page, then no parent page should be selected. If it is meant to be a child, or subpage, of another current page, then the Parent page should be selected in the right sidebar. An example of a Parent page would be About Us, while a child, or subpage, could be pages like Our Staff, Map & Directions, or Mission Statement. These pages would appear in a dropdown menu when the mouse is hovered over the About Us text in the navigation.

A Post is meant to be an archivable article, usually associated with a blog. Posts are categorized and usually displayed in reverse chronological order, meaning they are displayed by date, the newest is displayed first. A category must be chosen for each Post and is always associated with a date.

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