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Adding a Blog Post/Article

In the dashboard, on the left hand side click on Posts > Add New.

Add New WordPress Post

Give the post a descriptive title. If the second row of icons are not present, click the Hide/Show Kitchen Sink icon at the end to view more options.

Enter your content in the post. If you are already written the post, or copying something already written from a word processing program such as Word, use the icon that looks like a clipboard with a W on it in the second row to paste your content in (this will remove unnecesary formating that is entered by word processors).

You can format your text by using the icons. This first line has the ability to bold, add italic, strikethrough (not usually used), add bulleted or ordered lists, blockquotes, alignments, links and spell check.

The second row of icons stylizes the text with heading tags (please never use Heading 1 as that is only for page titles, underlines (please do not use this either as it makes the text look like a link), justify text, font color, pasting from a text document, pasting from a word document, remove formatting, special characters, outdent, indent, undo and redo.

On the right hand sidebar, you can chose which Category/ies the article should be posted in. You also have the ability to create and save a new Category for the article. You can have as many categories as is fitting. Below the Category box is a tag box. You can add descriptive tags here. Tags would be used to give the main points of the article you wrote. For instance, I could categorize this article as WordPress or Posts, but my tags could be: post icons, save as draft, bolds, italics, adding a post, etc. The Category is the how the article is filed, the Tags would give a broader description of what is described in the post. A Category will automatically be selected if you do not choose one, Tags can be left blank.

Categories and Tags

When you have completed the content, chosing the Cateogry and adding tags, you have the option to Save as a Draft to return to it later, Preview (you must Save as a Draft first), or Publish the document. If you Publish the article, it will be immediately posted to the site. If you chose to Draft the article, it will remain hidden from view until you Publish it. You can also change the date of the posting. If a future date is picked, it will Publish on that date and time. If you chose a past date, it will archive the post, depending if you have newer articles.

Publishing Options

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