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How To Market Your Local Business Online Slides

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Today I presented How To Market Your Local Business Online to a group of local business owners at the Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona. We had a great group that had many questions! As promised, here are the slides from the presentation.


If you weren’t able to attend, the presentation covered several local internet marketing topics, including:

  • The top factors that get your local business found online
  • Where do you start? Google, of course! Google My Business
  • The #1 marketing tool: Your website
  • The basics of a successful website
  • The 10 things your website must have to compete
  • Broadcasting your business data
  • How BBB accreditation helps your local SEO
  • Social media marketing for your local business
  • How online reviews make you money
  • The do’s and don’ts of online reviews
  • Simple strategy to generate great reviews

I’ll be doing this presentation again soon, so if you’d like to attend, contact me here to get on the waiting list. Happy marketing!

Internet Marketing Strategies for Small Business presentation

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

I recently did a presentation for Local First Arizona on Internet Marketing Strategies that you may find useful. Here is a summary of what’s included in the slides:

  1. What is Internet Marketing and why do you need it?
  2. How to research and strategize your marketing plan
  3. What Marketing elements to consider (Website, Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Paid Marketing, etc.)
  4. Putting your marketing plan into action

I realize the slides themselves don’t tell the whole story, so when I have some time I’ll do a podcast to add the audio of the presentation. Until then, I hope you learn from the presentation. As a little bonus, there is a download link to the spreadsheet planner below. Don’t forget to ask any questions you have in the comments!

Here is the Internet Marketing Planner spreadsheet I reference in the slide show. Feel free to customize it and use it as your own.

The Ultimate Website Review Checklist – 2013 Edition

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

The Annual Website Review ChecklistHere it is, 2013. The haze of the holidays are behind us, end of year reports are almost done, and you may even have some of your planning done for the new year. In fact, it’s a great time to take a look at your website to make sure it’s running right, getting found, and most importantly, getting you new business. Our solution? The Website Review Checklist.


Putting Your Content Where It Matters

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Let’s face it.  We are living in a fast-paced environment and really don’t have time to sit down and read every word on a webpage or blog; who does? We are all guilty of it–our eyes focus in on the important information, and as we trail down a long article or content-rich homepage our interest wanes. It’s inevitable. The web-reader looks for value front and center and if you don’t deliver, they’re gone.  But did you know that there is a distinct pattern web-readers follow, and that keeping this in mind will help you grab and keep their attention?  It works,  I promise, and using this information to improve your content online can even help turn your visitors into customers.

In 2006, Jakob Nielsen conducted a research study to pinpoint readers’ eye patterns on the web.  His studies concluded that participants followed an F pattern when reading content or search results on the web (see image below).  They focus on three major components of the text, search result, or product page, and utilizing this information on your website can be extremely beneficial.

How Online Reviews Help Your Bottom Line

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

It’s getting hard to ignore; you do an online search for a Chinese food restaurant and with every listing for Chinese food there is a rating. When you go to book a hotel for a trip, you get to see reviews on the hotels. When you go online to purchase a computer, you can see comments from other buyers. Even a simple search for your hair stylist’s phone number turns up comments about the salon. From your computer, tablet, and especially now from your cell phone, those reviews are turning up all over.

12 ways to convert website visitors to customers

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

As a web design and Internet marketing company, our clients consistently have one request: get me better rankings and more traffic. Though it’s something we love to do, it falls short of what I think the real goal should be, and the real reason you have a website in the first place: to get more business. Many people simply chase the traffic and don’t focus on what they do with website visitors once they come to their website, so today we’re going to give you some quick and easy ways to turn those visitors into actual customers.


Social Media in 15 Minutes a Day

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

It’s a challenge you may be a little too familiar with—a lot of social media and not a whole lot of time. As a small business, using and being a part of social media with your clients is really important and here’s why–nearly 67% of people online use a social site regardless of age. Conversations on social media influence purchases and help companies to get found online, too. What’s more, social media greatly influences sales, getting found online and lead generation.* Remember, as social media expert Paul Chaney says, content is king, conversation is queen, and conversion is the prince! Now that you know a bit more about why social media is important, here’s how to master it in just 15 minutes a day…