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Monday, September 28th, 2015
Internet Marketing Weekly


Extremely valuable data just came in that tells us what works in Internet Marketing. Our friends at BrightLocal combined survey data from 477 small business owners and digital marketers to “better understand which digital channels take up the most time/effort, which deliver the greatest leads, and which provide the best ROI”.

Are you on the edge of your seat yet? I sure was. Here are the highlights of the survey.

Local Search, Organic Search, and Direct Traffic deliver the most ROI (in that order).

I can already hear your first question – what’s the difference between Local Search and Organic Search? Ah, let me wipe away that look of confusion. Local Search starts with your Google My Business listing, and then all the “local” oriented sites your business information can be on. Sites like Yelp, CitySearch,, etc. The more complete and accurate, the better. Anything with your Name, Address, Phone, and URL for starters.

Organic search is where you show up under the local results. This is influenced by the authority and popularity of your domain and individual pages on your site, how relevant and well organized your content is, and many other factors like freshness, social signals, and more.

One note: ROI isn’t just money, it’s also time and effort, according to the article.

Other valuable sources are Google Adwords, Email Marketing, Referral Traffic and Mobile Marketing.

This supports my belief that a well-rounded marketing plan uses many tactics. Google Adwords isn’t my favorite paid medium, but by far it’s the favorite in this survey. It’s immediate, easy to plan and budget for, and you can see if it’s working or not. Mobile marketing is paid too, and a lot of that is also done through Google Adwords. Email marketing and referral traffic come up strong, which are good ways to connect and grow your current customers. If you aren’t seeing your customers coming back for more services, I’d start using email to keep in contact.

The losers? Facebook, Twitter, and Display Advertising.

Social media may be hot, but it doesn’t put money in your back account, according to the survey. This year Facebook and Twitter account for just 7% and 4% or return on investment respectively. Compared to 23% from Local Search, I sure hope you aren’t spending all your time on social media.

The summary here is SEO is still far more important than just social media marketing, and a well-rounded plan with all the elements is best.

If it’s time to look at your internet marketing plan, give me a call and help you get on track.

Read the entire article at Search Engine Land.


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Yahoo Tests Google Results, Local Directory Data, & Help For Fat Fingers

Friday, July 3rd, 2015
Internet Marketing Weekly

Happy Friday, and Happy 4th of July! Introducing the shorter, MUCH more useful Internet Marketing Weekly. I have reformatted this newsletter to give you only the most important and most useful Internet Marketing news and tools of the week. The “must-have” info, if you will. As always, I appreciate your feedback – Leave us a comment on our Facebook page.

Holiday Hours: We’ll be closing up shop a bit early today, July 3rd, for the Independence Day holiday. We’ll be back Monday, normal hours.

And now…on to what matters!

Hot News in Internet Marketing

Here are the top stories in the Internet Marketing world. Some you’ll care about, some you won’t. Either way, you can’t say I didn’t tell you 🙂

Top Story: Yahoo! Now Testing Google Results

Search engine competition just heated up. Yahoo! is showing Google results in their own search results. Yahoo’s US market share is currently 12.7% while Google’s is 64.4%, which makes this a win-win for both and may (I stress MAY)  boost Yahoo’s relevance. Here’s the full article:

Yahoo Search Testing Google Powered Search Results

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Is Local Directory Traffic On The Rise Again? (Not BBB accredited? You may think twice after reading this article)

Twitter Updates Audience Insights & Introduces Persona Targeting

Facebook Algorithm Update – Actions Taken Within Videos Now Factored In

Microsoft Signs 10-Year Deal For AOL To Use Bing’s Ads & Listings

Google Addresses Fat Finger Ad Clicks On Mobile

Google+ Brand Posts Have Been Stripped From Knowledge Graph Cards

Internet Marketing Learning Center

Here are this weeks hand-picked articles and tools to help you market online.

YouTube Community Development: How to Build a Following With YouTube

13 Important Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Blogging

What Does It Mean To Be Mobile First? And Why Should Marketers Care?

Be Funny: The Amazing Power of Humor in Social Media Marketing

How to Use LinkedIn Showcase Pages for Business

Stat of the Week

Have a great weekend!

How To Market Your Local Business Online Slides

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Today I presented How To Market Your Local Business Online to a group of local business owners at the Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona. We had a great group that had many questions! As promised, here are the slides from the presentation.


If you weren’t able to attend, the presentation covered several local internet marketing topics, including:

  • The top factors that get your local business found online
  • Where do you start? Google, of course! Google My Business
  • The #1 marketing tool: Your website
  • The basics of a successful website
  • The 10 things your website must have to compete
  • Broadcasting your business data
  • How BBB accreditation helps your local SEO
  • Social media marketing for your local business
  • How online reviews make you money
  • The do’s and don’ts of online reviews
  • Simple strategy to generate great reviews

I’ll be doing this presentation again soon, so if you’d like to attend, contact me here to get on the waiting list. Happy marketing!

Ignoring Google My Business Listing Could Cost You

Friday, June 5th, 2015
Don't Ignore Google My Business

Google has confirmed that your Google My Business is at risk of being “unverified” if you don’t log into your account on a regular basis. It’s a move that is meant to improve the quality of local search engine results, and it can mean getting exiled from Google if you aren’t paying attention.

The full article at Search Engine Land has a great quote from Google’s Jade Wang who posted the following in the Google My Business Help Forum:

“In some cases, we may contact Google My Business users via email to confirm that they are still actively managing a business page. If a user is unresponsive to our attempts to contact him or her and has not logged into Google My Business for a significant length of time, then we may unverify pages in the account. We’re doing this in order to continue to provide users with the best experience when they’re looking for local businesses like yours. If you find that a page in your account has been incorrectly unverified, please contact support to get assistance restoring verification.”

The impact of getting unverified

The short answer is you could get wiped off the map…or off Google Maps that is, and more. Google My Business is the central data that Google maintains for your business, so in the internet marketing world, it’s the main artery of your company online. Restrict or cut off your main artery and well, you get the idea.

Google My Business Help says this about getting verified:

“Verification lets others know that your local Google+ page is actually managed by your business. When you verify your local business, your business information will be eligible to appear across Google, including Search, Maps, and mobile.”

So what happens if you get unverfied? Do you want to risk finding out? You can potentially drop from Google search results, Google maps, and the local results. Since Google sites have 64.5% of the search market (comScore, March 2015), it’s going to cost you if it happen.

Get The Most From Your Google My Business Listing

According to Jade Wang:

“It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the inbox associated with your Google My Business (Locations) account. It’s also a good idea to regularly log into Google My Business (Locations) to confirm that your business information is current and accurate.”

While this is great advice, I don’t believe it’s enough to simply login in once in a while to keep your listing. Since you are there, why not get the most out of it? Every business should do an audit of their Google My Business listing at least every three months, sooner if there are any changes to your information. It takes just 5-10 minutes, and will give you the advantage over competitors that aren’t paying attention.

  1. Log in to your Google My Business listing every month and verify your information. Make sure it’s accurate and matches your website information exactly (you should also have your address on your website).
  2. Regularly improve on the information. Is your description complete an accurate? Is there another business category you can add? What about pictures? Do you have more you can add to your listing?

If you don’t have a Google My Business listing, have one that’s not verified, or aren’t sure, make make this your top priority. Go to to find out. Need help? Contact us and we’ll take a look at your listing, make recommendations, or even optimize and manage it for you.

P.S. – Please share this article with other business owners.

Local rankings shift, Why people leave your site, & Smartphone use up

Saturday, May 30th, 2015
Internet Marketing Weekly

This week’s top News, tips and tools to help you market your business online.

What’s Inside

Google local rankings shift, Why people leave your site, & Smartphone use is up

Apologies for missing last weeks edition. It turns out the Internet in Rocky Point isn’t as reliable as I hoped – all of 11K – not even as fast as the first dialup! Here’s this week’s top articles, nice and fresh.

Top Story Of The Week

There has definitely been some local ranking changes this week. Yours may be affected.
Google Local Search Results Shifting After Google Maps Bomb Fix?

Social Media Marketing

Here’s a good look at how shareable content helps your rankings.
Has Google Turned up Social Signals as a Ranking Factor?

I predict Yelp will lose relevance as more competition pops up. Here’s a good example.
Facebook’s “Yelp Alternative” Blurs Lines Between Social and Search

Content Marketing & Blogging

Probably the most useful article I’ve seen all week. Autoplay videos? Still? Ack!
16 Reasons Why People Leave Your Website

Need ideas on what to write about? Help is here!
How to Produce Great Content (Even if You’re a Terrible Writer)

This is a super-fast read if you are content-challenged this week.
12 Awesome Content Marketing Ideas That Aren’t Blog Posts

Local Search & SEO

With 64% of Americans using Smartphones (and growing), this will only get higher.
Google Says “Near Me” Searches Have Doubled This Year

Somewhat higher level but the video is fun, Rand is one of the best, and the topic is very relevant to small businesses.
Is Brand a Google Ranking Factor? – Whiteboard Friday

Paid Marketing

The better you target, the better your results. Even better…it will save you money 🙂
6 Unique Ways to Target Your Facebook Ads

Stat of the Week

Stat of the Week

10% of American smartphone owners do not have any other form of high-speed internet access at home beyond their phone’s data plan




Have a great weekend!
Joey @ Go Web Solutions

Content Speaks Volumes for SEO

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

You hear it said time and time again that quality content is important for your website, your social media sites, and your blog. Content is great for many reasons. I want to zero in on why it matters for search engine optimization (SEO). In a nutshell, search engine optimization can be defined as the process it takes to get your website higher search engine rankings in order to give your website more visibility. There are three practices to put into play that will bring you one step closer to optimizing your website through your content.

Select Appropriate Keywords

First take the time to focus in on who you want to target. What type of person are you looking to attract to your website? Define what your perfect customer looks like. Then, do some research to find out the key words or phrases they are using to to find your competitors. If those keywords describe what your company does and it’s what you want to be known for, then you have found your ideal keywords. Don’t limit yourself to just one set of keywords as there could be multiple  words that work for you. As soon as you have selected your keywords, you want to apply them to your website by having your keywords throughout your website content and blogs.

Keep it Fresh

Having the appropriate content on your website isn’t enough anymore. Search engines look for websites that are dynamic.They want to direct people to an up to date website that provides fresh content on a consistent basis. There is no reason to continually rewrite your entire website when you can easily provide fresh content that is SEO friendly on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis through your blog. That’s right your blog has multiple ways to drive new traffic to your website. A blog is the perfect location to use those keywords and to keep fresh content on your website. As important as images are to marketing and even to your content, for this purpose make sure that you also add substantial content through your words turning your blog into an SEO marketing machine. If you’re not the best writer and better convey your message through speaking, then you’re in luck. Your keywords can also be placed on a video blog that can help you improve your search rankings. If you prefer videos, think of how many of your followers feel the same way.

Engage through Content

Now that you found the perfect mix of keywords and you have kept it up to date on your website, you need to have a process of keeping those customers you attracted in through SEO. When people view that blog, what does it make them think about? You want to have engaging content that will keep them there long enough to read all the way through your blog, and once they are finished it should direct them to the meat of your website where you will be able to make a sale.

These tips combined make up just a very small portion of SEO with a big impact on those customers who visit your site. If you would like a complete SEO package, contact us at  520.664.2324 for more information.

Spruce Up Your Marketing to Get Noticed

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Spruce Up Your Marketing to Get Noticed

When creating your holiday cookies, you want them to look and taste just right. What you don’t want is a bland cookie with no trimmings. Who would want to eat that? Think about your marketing for a moment. Does your product or service shout “Pick Me!”, or does it kind of sit there, like that plain sugar cookie that gets left on the plate, never to be eaten?

The same is true when it comes to your goods and services. You can have an awesome product or service, but who is going to know if you don’t catch people’s attention? Sadly, you can even have a better service, and still lose customers to your competition because they make theirs look better.

Start attracting more customers by showing off your product or service. What makes it so special? It might be you have a secret ingredient that nobody else has. Do you offer a larger variety of styles than your competitors? Do you provide more services to give your clients every possible way to succeed? We recently started working with Jan at Fix My AC LLC, and what makes him special is very clear; 1. He gives very personalized service, and 2. He doesn’t sell people unnecessary services. Jan is very clear with customers on these two points, and it gives him a definite advantage over his competitors. Telling people what sets him apart on his website, on the phone, at networking events, and on all his advertising is a key strategy for him to win business.

Whatever it is that makes your company stand out, showcase it. Shout it if you have to! If you don’t tell people why you are different, you’re just like all the other cookies on the plate.

Here’s something else to consider: A delicious, beautifully decorated cookie does nothing if no one knows where it’s at. This is the very reason why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important. The SEO will direct more people to your cookie making it easier and faster to locate you above your competitors. Are you making it easier for your website to get found or are your customers giving up because it takes too much time and work to locate you?

Like the perfect holiday cookie, your product/services should be presented with a beautifully designed website that shows off your best attributes. Getting your website in front of the right visitors is key. These are our top 5 most proven ways to market your business online and build an online presence. All of these concepts combined will truly market the perfect gift you have to offer that beats all the other cookie cutter gift ideas.

  1. Create a visually appealing, informative, and functional website that encompasses who you are and what you do with a way for you to bring in new leads.
  2. Optimize your website with search engine optimization to get your business found faster and easier.
  3. Sign up and interact on social media websites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  4. Write a blog with industry related topics that will be both fun to read and helpful to your target audience. Show them that you are an industry leader.
  5. Have a newsletter sign up on your website and generate new emails with content that is valuable and noteworthy.

For more ideas on how make your cookies extra fancy and get them in the hands of hungry customers, contact us at 520.664.2324 or


You wouldn’t buy a pie with a piece of it missing; neither would you want to create a website without SEO

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Creating a website is the first step in getting your company found.  Many people think that they can stop there and be done. As a web design company, we place high value on having the perfect website created. However, without the proper Search Engine Optimization, it’s like you’re buying a pumpkin pie with a big piece missing! Who wants that??

You wouldn’t buy a pie with a piece of it missing; neither would you want to create a website without SEO

Want to learn more about Search Engine Optimization? Contact the team at Go Web Solutions for a free consultation to discuss which SEO service is best for you.

Claim your Business

Friday, November 1st, 2013

Sites like Google Plus, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp and others will list your business with a review for others to find them. Type your company’s name and/or phone number in a search engine and take note of all the places your company’s listed. Then go back to each website and claim your business and add to it.

Claim your Business

Want to learn more about Search Engine Optimization? Contact the team at Go Web Solutions for a free consultation to discuss which SEO service is best for you.

Provide Links to Direct to your Webpage

Friday, October 18th, 2013

A method to drive more traffic to your website is to take advantage of every opportunity you have. When you provide a link for everything, you entice them to click it. It is like leaving a new toy in front of a child. They are going to explore it.

Provide Links to Direct to your Webpage

If you find yourself not having enough time to stay current in the social media world and run a business, then take a look at Go Web Solutions‘s Social Media Marketing package, for all your Social Media needs.