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Case Study: Just 4 Golf

Thursday, February 27th, 2014
Before:                                                                                                                   After:


Just 4 Golf modernized their homepage and added new product collections through the work of                    Go Web Solutions®

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The Introduction
Just for Golf was aware that their homepage of their ecommerce website is the first thing their potential customers see when they visit their site. Their homepage is what can make or break the sale. It can either draw people in to view their products or make them leave their site before their products ever had a chance of attracting their attention.

The Situation
The old homepage was outdated and did not visually attract visitors to their site. The old homepage featured a lot of green grass that pulled focus away the products. The website was in need of a modern design that leads customers to shop the different collections they have to offer. It also lacked focus on what each element on the site was about. The text promoting the free shipping offers was not noticeable. The social media buttons weren’t recognized easily when someone approached the website.

The Solution
We redesigned the homepage with eye catching elements. The design now incorporates all the key elements of the page in a cleaner look. The initial focus on the homepage is a slideshow that promotes the top collections sold on the site. We also added boxes that highlight collections by gender favorites to show that these products can be used by anyone. “Free Shipping” and “Deals & Alerts” now stand out with graphics that flows with the rest of page design.  A person can easily find where to connect with the company on social media with buttons that don’t hide within the site.

The Results
The new website design has made it easier for people to navigate to shop through their collections. This will increase the number of traffic there is that stays on their website in hopes of bringing in more new and repeat customers. Visit their website to see the newly remodeled homepage at


Case Study: AAZK: American Association of Zoo Keepers

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

AAZK improves the look of their website with redesign created by the team at Go Web Solutions®

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AAZK understood the purpose of website and how it can effectively bring in new members if the member login is easily accessible and the website itself is fun and easy to navigate. They not only realized how important the look of the website is the attract new customers, but the functionality is just as important in drawing people to your website and keeping them there to browse through the information and shop.

The Situation
The previous website was difficult to navigate because the site lacked organization allowing for people to locate items quickly. The website also was in need of an updated website that enticed new members to join. The previous member login was not secure and did not offer multifunctional reporting capabilities. The ecommerce only offered the option for people to pay via PayPal.

The Solution
We completely redesigned their website with an interactive look that is now neatly organized and arranged for items to be located quickly. We added ecommerce to the website for members to renew or join their membership online and for consumers to purchase memorabilia from the site. We fixed the member login that functions easily and offer reporting capabilities for the company.

The Results
The American Association of Zoo Keepers benefited from the new website with an increase in membership. Both current and future members have commented on how organized the new website has become and how it now offers a visually appealing look. They feel that the website invites them to take a look and stay awhile. With happy customers, the new website has become a successful solution for AAZK.

Visit their website at