Use the Pinterest Place Board To Promote Your Business

Use the Pinterest Place Board To Promote Your Business

By now, you have probably seen the new “Place Board” feature Pinterest released this past November. You may have thought ”Wow, this is a great idea. How can I use it for my business?” I have created a list of different types of businesses and how this new feature could be used to market them.

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1. Hotels

A hotel has the unique opportunity of receiving many out of town guests who are always looking for restaurants nearby or activities in the area. Make it accessible to them before they arrive. Show them why your hotel is the best selection for them by creating a Place Board of all the favorite local restaurants. Include restaurants within walking distance from your hotel for those who don’t have a mode of transportation. Another Place Board you can create is a list of  activities, malls, golf courses, tourist sites, etc… in the area that may interest them. The last non-conventional Place Board that a hotel can use is to provide a list of the local churches or wedding vendors for those who are having their wedding reception or group block at your hotel. The list of churches might also be helpful for some of your other hotel guests.

2. Event Planners

An event planner can create multiple boards for event venues, and one for other vendors in the area, that they may direct them to. They also might want to create a Place Board of popular Honeymoon destinations.

3. Airlines

An airline can easily create multiple Place Boards of popular vacation destinations that they fly to. It could even be beneficial for them to create one for every state or city with restaurants, hotels, and attractions.

4. Real Estate Agents

A real estate agent can most definitely use a Place Board as a marketing tool. They can put their most popular listings or ones they are in need of selling quickly on a place board for potential buyers to see their options in the area of town where they are looking to buy.

5. Products

If you sell a product in the multiple stores across town, then list those stores on your Place Board with a photo of a different product for each of the locations.

6. Stores & Restaurants

This idea is pretty easy, if you own a franchise business then make sure people know where they can find you. Let’s say someone was to go out of town, but has a craving for your specialty dish. I am sure they can see all your locations on your website. It doesn’t hurt to make it more visible by having more ways for them to find you.

7.  Other Businesses

The truth is we can all create a Place Board on our Pinterest in form or another. If you’re not sure how to best put together your Place Board, then start with something easy. Create a Place Board for the city you live in with the town highlights. If nothing else, it will give your local readers something to relate to and a reason to follow your board. Remember to add your own business to that list.

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This post was written by Alexis Humphrey on February 03, 2014

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