Urgent HeartBleed Security Update

Heartbleed Bug Security Update

You may have heard there is a nasty security bug that’s been identified on the Internet named the Heartbleed Bug. This is to advise you that our server administrators have taken immediate action to address this issue on our servers as this bug affects all servers and devices using Open SSL technology. This is the technology that is supposed to ensure encrypted communication between devices, such as a website and your computer, however because of this vulnerability all devices have been at risk of having those communications intercepted. As a result, we have taken immediate action to protect you and the visitors to your websites.

If you ARE hosting with us, our servers have been patched with the latest security updates as of this morning. This requires an emergency reboot of our 3 hosting servers, so there will be some downtime this morning for all sites. While the timing is not optimal, we decided the risk of not updating immediately was to high. We will also be changing all account passwords, so look for an update soon if you currently have control panel access.

If you are NOT hosting with us, please contact your hosting provider to ensure this issue has been addressed for you.

If you have questions, feel free to email us at support@gowebsolutions.com. Here are some articles on how to protect yourself, as well as the link to the official Heartbleed Bug information website. They will answer most questions you may have and explain other critical steps you should take to protect yourself.

Here’s How To Protect Yourself From The Massive Security Flaw That’s Taken Over The Internet (Business Insider)

How to protect yourself from the ‘Heartbleed’ bug (CNET News)

Official Heartbleed Bug information website

Thank you for your continued business.

The Go Web Solutions Team

This post was written by Joey Ambrose on April 09, 2014

Joey is the President and CEO of Go Web Solutions, an award-winning web design and Internet marketing company in Tucson, Arizona. When he's not helping clients get the most from their web sites, Joey enjoys cycling, running, swimming and hiking. Contact him at: joey@gowebsolutions.com or on Google+

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