Video Marketing

Promoting your business with web promotional video is a great new way to reach visitors online. Our new Go! Promotional Videos are designed to make a BIG impact at a price you can afford. We start out by shooting a professional quality video at your location with you, your staff and even some of your customers. Then we put that video on your website, YouTube, Facebook, Google Places, and other social media websites to promote you and your company.

Here is what you get:

  • Editorial-style video where we interview you (no scripting needed!)
  • On-site video shoot with our videographer
  • Custom graphics
  • Background music
  • Professional editing
  • We upload your video to popular social media websites including YouTube, Facebook and Google Places
  • We embed your video on your website, engaging your visitors and increasing conversions

Why use Online Videos to market your company online?

  • Video use is skyrocketing online, especially via mobile devices
  • Websites with video have more page views, lower bounce rates and more conversions
  • Better engagement creates a higher return on investment (ROI)

How much does it cost?

Much less than you think might think. Our Go! Promotional Videos start at just $1500.┬áTranslation? Marketing with video online creates more customers! Contact us today to schedule your video shoot and we’ll make sure you aren’t left behind.

Go! Promotional Videos examples:

Dr. Jeffrey Monash

Desert Bloom OB/GYN

Go Web Solutions