The 5 Most Frustrating Things about Social Media and How to Fix Them

The 5 Most Frustrating Things about Social Media and How to Fix Them Social media is a must to get your business to stand out amongst your competitors.  As much as I love social media marketing, I must admit, there are a lot of frustrating aspects that can make a business owner want to run and hide from it all together. Before you shut the door on social media, let me give you the keys to successfully overcoming five of its most frustrating aspects.

1.  There are too many social media websites, where do I start?

StartIn today’s world, there are social media sites for everything under the sun, so how do you choose?  It can be difficult to determine which sites are going to get someone noticed, and which sites are not going to drive a lot of traffic to your website.

My Solution: The basic most well-known social media websites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, and Instagram.  Start by selecting one social media site that will be the most valuable to the industry you are a part of.  Remember each industry is different so what may be the best for one company might not work for others. Once you have successfully established your brand on one social media site, then look into adding another site that will be beneficial to your company.  There is no need to worry about trying to be on every website right away. Stick to what you feel comfortable with and make those pages outshine the rest.  It is better to have one successful social media site than to have seven sites that have no content.

2.  Social media is time consuming, how do I fit it in?

Time Consuming I have heard it said more often than not that it is too time consuming to be on social media and run a business. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything I need to get done, let alone have time to update my status. So, how do everyday businessmen and women do it?

My Solution: The answer is simple. Make it a priority.  For some people, it may seem like a waste of time to take that extra step in getting yourself online and writing to your followers. You may not see the value in it. It’s not necessary to spend hours online tweeting or pinning images to make an impact.  All you need to do is spend 15 to 30 minutes a day. In fact, I recommend that you don’t spend all day on social media if it is not your focus.  Your readers will want to read quality information and not be spammed with too much useless content. Allowing yourself 15 minutes a day on social media could be the difference between someone choosing your company over your competitors.

3.  I can’t seem to get any likes or followers, what will get their attention?

Question Marks It’s the age old question: How do I get people to like me?  Now that you have your social media sites set up and you are posting on a regular basis, how do you get people to follow you?

My Solution: Intrigue your readers with attention grabbing photos and information that is both stimulating and beneficial to your readers. Give them something of value that they will be gravitating to your page on a continual basis. It is crucial to stay current and up to date with the ever changing trends in order for others to follow you.  Topics to post about can include holidays, company events, new employees, your blog, other blogs that pertain to your industry, new trends, new product or service, current events, thought provoking questions, and entertaining questions about your company.

4.  Features are constantly changing, how do I keep up?

New Every time I log on to my social media accounts, I feel like there is a new feature that I need to learn.  You may be thinking, “How do I stay tuned in to the social media world without spending all day learning about it? I want my site to stay current and get the most I can out of it, but I get confused by what the new features are and how to use them.

My Solution: First, I suggest you subscribe to our blog using the signup form to the right of this article to keep up on the latest changes and trends. I would tell you not to rush into trying to learn everything all at once. Tackle one new feature at a time. Taking the time to know that one specific feature will give you an advantage on how to use it. My advice to you is to read blogs on that feature, and ask questions about it. Don’t be afraid to test it out to see how it will fit well into your business marketing plans.

5.  Hashtags are overused, how do I get mine to stand out?

Hashtags Hashtags are everywhere and it seems like a lot of companies are using them. I find that there are too many hashtags with the same words in them making it impossible for mine to truly stand out. How do I write a unique hashtag to get people directed to my page #withoutwritingamilelonghashtagthatnooneunderstands?

My Solution: Using hashtags correctly can get you noticed. I agree that finding the right hashtag is important to getting your company to stand out in the sea of hashtags. If you want someone to find your specific company then it would be good to write a hashtag like this #gowebsolutions. However, many times people are searching a topic rather than a specific company. This is where your creative thinking cap comes into play. It is recommended to use one to three words and no more than 2 hashtags per post. Something more fitting would be #creativewebdesigns or #seoskills.  Search the hashtags you write before posting. Check to see if there are too many people in that category that will get lost or if it is a manageable list that your name will be noticeable. Be careful to stay on the fine line between being unique and being searchable.


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