Squash Bad Reviews

No matter how great your company is, there will come a time when someone does not like something about it and takes the time to write a bad review.  How do you squash that bad review? There are two course of action that can be taken depending on the content of the review. One is to respond to the person by apologizing and giving them a solution to their problem. The other is to leave it alone. Sometimes responding to a bad review can do more harm than good by adding fuel to the flame. If your company is successful, you will have plenty of good reviews for people to read as well.

Squash Bad Reviews

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This post was written by Alexis Humphrey on November 20, 2013

Alexis specializes in social media marketing. With her creative touch, she will constantly be adding new content to keep you interested. She can be reached at alexis@gowebsolutions.com.

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