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Social Media Marketing Guides

After a full year of hard work, lots of Starbucks, a little wine, and a LOT of help, we are proud to launch Social Media Quickies Marketing Guides. Created for everyone who has not idea where to start with social media marketing, our guides take were created to take you from “I have not idea where to start” to “Our engagement went up 1000% the first month”. OK, maybe 1000% is a bit optimistic, but hey, if you’re starting from zero…

  • 5 detailed marketing guides coving Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
  • 35 Pages
  • 15 sections per guide
  • Over 10 graphical examples
  • Over 40 pro tips
  • 2 bonus guides – The Content Guide and Social Media Marketing Plans
  • Over 125 content ideas
  • 3 time-based social media marketing plans

Our goal is simple: make social media marketing easy enough that every business owner, consultant, office manager and marketing guru has the tools they need to not just use social media for their marketing, but be awesome at it. We’ll be keeping a close eye on changes in social media, so keep an eye on our Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest sites for the latest news, tools, and more. You’ll also be seeing our in-depth blogs on a range of social media marketing topics, including our monthly Content Ideas blog and Social Media Weekly blog and podcast.

I look forward to getting your feedback on how you’ve used Social Media Quickies to market your business online.

If you haven’t purchased your copy yet, click here. Contact us if you have questions or just want to say hi!


Joey @ Social Media Quickies

This post was written by Joey Ambrose on July 23, 2014

Joey is the President and CEO of Go Web Solutions, an award-winning web design and Internet marketing company in Tucson, Arizona. When he's not helping clients get the most from their web sites, Joey enjoys cycling, running, swimming and hiking. Contact him at: or on Google+

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