Plan Ahead for the Perfect Website

Plan Ahead for the Perfect Website

When planning out that you are in need of brand new website or a redesign to market your company, there can sometimes be a pressing deadline of when you need everything completed. That deadline might be a launch of a new business, an upcoming event, a trade show or convention, a conference, a business anniversary, or an important business meeting with strict expectations. How do you plan for such a project and most importantly, how much time should you allow for this project to be completed?

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Once you have decided that you are in need of a website or need major changes to to the original website, then you need to start the planning on your end right away. There are a lot of elements to consider when mapping out your website design. First, consider the purpose of the website and who you are targeting.Think about what you want your website to say about you and will that message be identifiable to your target audience. Is this vision going to reach your buyer persona? Have that clear cut vision before doing anything else. Otherwise, you will struggle in trying to continue on in the process of your website development. Plus, it will make the next stages flow easily.

Decide what pages you want and the general idea of the content and features that will be listed on each page. If it will help, draw the navigation out to clearly visualize where to place the content. If you want to save time during the web design process, write out all of your content ahead of time. Although, it’s not necessary to have all your content completed beforehand, and your web design company can assist you if you get stuck. Even having some semblance of content will give you a direction.

Have an idea of how visual you want your website to look. Consider elements such as a mobile friendly or interactive version of your website. If you can find examples those are always best. Some web design companies also offer a web design portfolio of their work where you select websites as an example of how you want your website to look. These examples will serve as a guideline of where you would like your website to be.

The final pre-planning you want in place is figuring out your budget. Plan out your budget for what you can realistically spend with some leeway for any necessary additions you may need or want to add on.

How long does a new website take?

Every project has a different timeline according to what all their site entails.  We recommend that for the majority of our customers that you start the planning 6 months prior to the date you need the website completed by for that big event or business launch date. We are not saying that it will take 6 months for a completed timeline. What we are saying is that you want to be so prepared that you have a website in advance so that you can rest easy that your website is completed in time, and it gives you time to market it through other venues in the meantime leading up to that big date creating a buzz for your company.  If you wait until the last minute, you may find that a website company cannot complete the website by your requested date due to their current projects. The project could also be held up if they are waiting to receive your content. To ensure that you get what you need without the added rush factor, plan ahead.

If for some reason the longer timeline does not work for you due to an unexpected event or need to have the website right away, then there are always ways to work together. If the deadline is impossible to make, then the project can be looked at in different phases to give you something tangible to work with for that day.

If you need assistance in the website planning process or are ready to start your new website design, contact the team at Go Web Solutions for more details at 520.664.2324.

This post was written by Alexis Humphrey on January 27, 2014

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