Is Your Website Future Proof?

The Internet has changed a lot since the days of fighting for your turn to use the phone line and the infamous “You’ve got mail” login greeting. But thanks to high speed wireless Internet and Wi-Fi technology we now use the internet more than ever before and on more devices than ever imaginable.

According to, over 20% of US web traffic now comes from tablets and mobile devices – this means 1 out of every 5 people visiting your website aren’t even using a computer. With this number growing every year, it’s time to ask yourself if your website is ready for the future.

Mobile Versions – Responsive Web Design
One of the easiest way to help future proof your website is to have a mobile version designed to match your current website. This form of “responsive web design” automatically figures out the size of the users browser, whether it is a computer or a smartphone, and delivers the the best suited design for their device. Using this method, your customers will be able to visit your website using any device they want and it will still look great!

Flash USED to be Cool
We swear, it really was and while some smartphones and tablets can play Flash content, the vast majority can not. This means having those fancy Flash intros or Flash drop down menus with pretty effects won’t only scare people away (which it will) but they will also make your website unusable for 20% of your viewers. In fact, some laptops now ship without Flash capabilities being built in.

Luckily for all, HTML5 and CSS3 can now do most of the useful stuff Flash could do while still working on mobile devices.

There are multiple web browsers being used, the most popular being Internet Explorer (we don’t know why), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari. However, there are also the less known browsers such as Opera and older versions of Internet Explorer that make up for a significant percentage of web traffic. You need to check to make sure your website looks and functions well on all browsers, not just the one you use. This will help ensure your website looks great even if a new browser is released.

Would you lock 20% of your potential customers out of your office? We don’t think so! But if your website isn’t ready for the future, you are doing exactly that.

This post was written by Paulina on June 08, 2012

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