How to Get Found Online

How can I get my business found online?
By making a website that markets itself.

 Ok, let’s face it, everyone is online.  So how can you make that work to your advantage? Having a website that markets itself is the key to getting found online.  If you have a website, take a look at it.  Is it a reflection of your business?  Is it shareable?  Is your domain name short and memorable? Is your contact information prominently visible?  These are all key factors in optimizing your internet presence, and if you don’t have a website, you need one.

why is having a website important?
Firstly, if you don’t have a website, you are missing out on a huge marketing resource, and you should give us a call immediately.  You need to be online.  Today people are following the “research online before buying offline” trend for retail.  Relying on local listings to promote your business online is not going to help you get noticed.  Many search engine users get frustrated when they can’t find a business online, and that in itself is lowering your credibility.  If 20% of all searches on Google are for local information, you need and want to be found (Google).

if you have it, personalize it…
Joey likes to use the analogy that your website is essentially the waiting room for your business.  It should be a reflection of you, and uniquely so. Our goal is always to make a website that reflects your company’s image so that your clients can know you before they meet you.  We make sure our customers have clever domain names that are short, simple, and memorable and utilize our hosting to give our clients personal email accounts for better brand recognition like (which are excellent for business cards), and if you need help choosing a domain name, see our article, “Choosing a Domain Name – 3 Simple Rules”.  If your website isn’t a reflection of you, then what is it doing to promote your business?  A poor design can damage your image, check out Brandon’s blog, Could Your Website Design be Hurting your Business.

alright, I have a website, why isn’t it working?
Marketing – plain and simple.  You can read more about Search Engine Optimization and Social Media in Sandra’s up and coming blog or in Social Media in 15 Minutes a Day, but for now, keep these ideas in mind.  When you do a search in Google, you are searching for keywords.  Having a website that features your keywords throughout is going to get those search engine bots to your site and bring your ranking up.  Keyword rich content is the key word.  Most people don’t go past the third page of listings when they do a search, so you want to rank well.  A great way to keep fresh content flowing on your website is to write killer blogs and pack them with your keywords, here’s 101+ blogging ideas.

Interacting on social media platforms and making your business shareable are also great ways at getting your content across.  Read The Three Stages of Social Media, it could help.  The more your website is shared across the web, the more potential you have for growth.  Another factor weakening your website could be a negative online reputation.  If you aren’t paying attention to your online reputation, your website credibility decreases–bad reviews mean bad rankings, and more about this to come in a future post.  But think of it this way, when you see good reviews on a site in a search engine, you are more likely to click on that site to learn more.

People can be recommending your business with minimal effort from you, and your website can be generating leads for you if it is done right.   If you don’t have a website, get on the ball.  Go Web Solutions is famous for building optimized websites that rock.  If you already have one, optimize it, and if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, we do that too.  You want to be found online, you can, and your website can be working for you.  Happy surfing.

This post was written by Randi Valdez on August 24, 2012

Randi is our Marketing Specialist and Social Media ninja, Randi loves writing, optimizing, and anything having to do with Mr. Bill Murray. She can be reached at

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