Employee Spotlight: Jameel

This month’s employee spotlight features our Project Manager, Jameel. He is more than deserving to to be recognized for the work that he does for this company. There is no doubt about it that Jameel works hard for our clients.

Let’s take a closer look into what Jameel does as part of the Go Web Solutions’ team. He wears many hats. The first hat that he wears is important to the success of our client websites. He starts with the planning of the website to have a timeline of when each step needs to be completed by. Then he takes it a step further by implementing the timeline through website development. Jameel take the custom web design done by our graphic designer and turns it into website. He brings the website to life with hard work and coding. Jameel is the reason your website functions the way it does. To see those real life websites, visit our online web design portfolio.

Jameel also wears the support hat for the company by working with our hosting customers. He spends the time to figure out any website or email errors that may arise and tends to them in a timely manner to get them up and running as quickly as possible.

The last hat that Jameel shares with part of the team is the maintenance of a website. If you have changes that need to be made to your website to either update it or allow for it to function smoother, Jameel will be there to put the pieces where they need to be. Your website will feel brand new.

One of the website projects he is currently developing is highly interactive with a search map function for three separate entities.With Jameel’s precise planning and expertise, this website is coming together perfectly to fulfill the client’s wishes.

If you would like to own a custom designed website from Jameel, contact the team to discuss your design ideas at 520.664.2324 or alexis@gowebsolutions.com.

This post was written by Alexis Humphrey on January 29, 2014

Alexis specializes in social media marketing. With her creative touch, she will constantly be adding new content to keep you interested. She can be reached at alexis@gowebsolutions.com.

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