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Urgent HeartBleed Security Update

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Heartbleed Bug Security Update

You may have heard there is a nasty security bug that’s been identified on the Internet named the Heartbleed Bug. This is to advise you that our server administrators have taken immediate action to address this issue on our servers as this bug affects all servers and devices using Open SSL technology. This is the technology that is supposed to ensure encrypted communication between devices, such as a website and your computer, however because of this vulnerability all devices have been at risk of having those communications intercepted. As a result, we have taken immediate action to protect you and the visitors to your websites.

If you ARE hosting with us, our servers have been patched with the latest security updates as of this morning. This requires an emergency reboot of our 3 hosting servers, so there will be some downtime this morning for all sites. While the timing is not optimal, we decided the risk of not updating immediately was to high. We will also be changing all account passwords, so look for an update soon if you currently have control panel access.

If you are NOT hosting with us, please contact your hosting provider to ensure this issue has been addressed for you.

If you have questions, feel free to email us at Here are some articles on how to protect yourself, as well as the link to the official Heartbleed Bug information website. They will answer most questions you may have and explain other critical steps you should take to protect yourself.

Here’s How To Protect Yourself From The Massive Security Flaw That’s Taken Over The Internet (Business Insider)

How to protect yourself from the ‘Heartbleed’ bug (CNET News)

Official Heartbleed Bug information website

Thank you for your continued business.

The Go Web Solutions Team

Prep your Followers to Expect the “Pot of Gold”

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Prep your Followers to Expect the Pot of Gold

The “pot of gold” or useful tip you give your followers should be something they can rely on you to give them on a continual basis. When planning out your social media schedule, come up with a plan that offers the same type of tool that your followers can expect to see on the same day of the week or month. Keeping a consistent schedule will help bring your followers back to your profile waiting in anticipation for that next blog.

For example, set up your social media schedule to look similar to this layout (or one of your choosing):

  •     Mondays: Weekly Tip
  •     Tuesdays: Weekly Blog
  •     Wednesdays: Question of the Week
  •     Thursdays: Share a Resource
  •     Fridays: Fun Fact Day

By offering your followers tools that will either help them, make them more knowledgeable of your company, or just give them interesting or fun information, you are providing them with a way to connect with your company. You are also giving them a reason to want to come back and tell other’s about your company. By being dependable, you are preparing your followers to expect that “pot of gold” you offer. Use this opportunity to reel new customers in.

Want to see a sample marketing plan on how you can spend your time wisely on social media daily? Sign up to be one of the first to receive our Social Media Quickies Marketing Guides or contact us to work with you on an individual marketing plan for your business.

Facebook: Personal vs Business Page

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Facebook: Personal vs Business Page

When connecting to Facebook, some business owners may find it difficult deciphering whether to use a personal profile versus a business page. For the sake of your business, always create a business page and forgo using your personal profile to promote your business. Here are the top reasons why a business page is more beneficial and professional.

1. Your business will be easier to find because your business name will be more recognizable than your personal name. People will be more likely to look for a business when searching for them online than the person behind the business. They want to validate the company that it exists and one way to do that is to look at it’s Facebook page.

2. You can show your brand on your business page. A business page can be branded with your logo and a Timeline Photo that represents your brand. This plays back into making your company more recognizable. Also, people prefer to see a logo than a photo of the CEO on the page. They trust that logo.

3. Don’t mix business with pleasure; be professional! If you’re using your personal profile page as your business page, you will have times when your comments or status posts will be too personal for the image you’re trying to portray. Nobody wants to see the photo your mom tagged you in on “Throwback Thursday” of you in your diapers. They want to hear about your business.

4. It’s easier for people to connect with you by Liking your page. With a business page, all a person has to do is “Like” your page for your status updates to appear on their News Feed. With a personal page, they have to add you as a friend and wait for you to add them back. Not only is it an extra step for you, but it’s one that people might not take because being friends means that you can also see their profile. They want to be able to follow your company without having to share all their information in return.

5. A business page allows for multiple users (employees) to be connected to your business page. If you have a Social Media Manager or have hired a company to run your social media marketing, then you want to be able to give them access to the page without giving them access to your personal page. Plus, you can both stay connected as well as any other employees who may write a post. This gives more visibility to your Facebook page.

6. Gives people the opportunity to “check-in” at your establishment. If someone “checks-in” at your place of business, it provides more eposure of your business name on someone else’s profile.

If you want to learn how to setup a Facebook business page or any of the other top 5 social media sites, then sign up to be one of the first to receive the Social Media Quickies Guides for Business at

March Content Ideas for Blogs and Social Media

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Spring into action this March with fresh content ideas that will keep your readers interested.  As the weather starts to warm up, so should what you’re sharing online. We are here to help season your content with ideas that keep you busy writing every day of the month. We offer a list of over 250 content ideas each month including 5 in depth ideas that you can cater to fit your business.

If you have any additional ideas you would like to add or any success stories from using any of our content ideas, we would love to hear about them! Leave us a comment below with the details.

Featured Content Ideas

1. International Ask a Question Day (14th)

Use this day to hear from your customers. Let them know that on this day they can ask you a question about your products/services or your company. Not only make it about them answering a question, but let them know that they’ll receive an answer to their question in a timely manner. Leaving the day open to get as many questions as you can that day will definitely bring your business some engagement on your social media. The purpose is that although a person can ask you a question on any normal day, this day will let them feel free to ask their question they might be forgetting to ask.  It shows that you care about your customers and want to hear what they have to say.

2. Write a Case Study

A case study is where you write about a certain product or client. You start off writing about who that client is or introducing the the product. Then you move on to explaining the problem and why the client needed your services in the first place.  After setting the story with the problem, you write about the solution you weer able to offer them and the results that received because of that solution. The perfect case study promotes your business by showing your readers how instrumental you were in helping them get their intended results. This idea is also great because it can repeated  as often as you would like.

3. Fun Fact of the Week

Whenever someone sees the words” Did you know?” they are intrigued on what you have to say next. Keep your followers on their toes by giving them a weekly fun fact that they can take away from your post or blog.  If possible, tie that fact into an opportunity to sell. An example would be if you were to say a fact regarding the benefits of one of your products that might not be known to everyone. In hearing that benefit, you may catch someone’s attention enough that they will want to purchase your product.

4. Make Up your Own Holiday (26th)

You have seen numerous “holidays” every month on these content blogs that range in ideas for every type of business out there.  Instead of waiting for a “holiday” that fits your business, why not create your own? Celebrate something that’s important to your business and offer a promotion specific to that day. If  it becomes a success, then make it annually and repeat your “holiday” every year. Eventually, your customers will come to look forward to that day and will anticipate the type of promotion you are going to offer them that year.

5. Make your Followers Laugh

Being all business all the time can be exhausting for your reader. Give them a break by telling them a short and appropriate comedic story that relates to your business. Let them know that your business can also be lighthearted.  if you don’t have a funny story to tell, them share a photo that will make them laugh. It can be a joke that’s commonly heard against  your products. Just remember whatever you post that it doesn’t portray your company in a negative light.

Celebrations by Month:

Academy Awards Month
Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month
American Diabetes Alert Month
American Red Cross Month
Bell Peppers and Broccoli Month
Berries and Cherries Month
Brain Injury Awareness Month
Colic Awareness Month
Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
Credit Education Month
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Month
Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Awareness Month
Dolphin Awareness Month
Employee Spirit Month
Exotic Winter Fruit & Leeks/Green Onions Month
Hemophilia Month
Honor Society Awareness Month
Humorists are Artists Month
International Ideas Month
International Listening Awareness Month
International Mirth Month
Irish-American Heritage Month
Kidney Month
Malignant Hyperthermia Awareness Month
Music in our Schools Month
National Athletic Trainers Month
National Caffeine Awareness Month
National Celery Month
National Cheerleading Safety Month
National Clean up Your IRS Act Month
National Color Therapy Month
National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
National Craft Month

National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month
National Endometriosis Awareness Month
National Essential Tremor Awareness Month
National Ethics Awareness Month
National Eye Donor Month
National Flour Month
National Flower Month
National Frozen Food Month
National Kidney Month
National March Into Literacy Month
National Multiple Sclerosis Education/Awareness Month
National Noodle Month
National Nutrition Month
National On-Hold Month
National Optimism Month
National Peanut Month
National Poison Prevention Awareness Month
National Problem Gambling Awareness Month
National Professional Social Worker’s Month
National Sauce Month
National Social Work Month
National Umbrella Month
National Women Inventors Month
National Women’s History Month
Play the Recorder Month
Read an E-Book Month
Red Cross Month
Rosacea Awareness Month
Save Your Vision Month
Sing with Your Child Month
Spiritual Wellness Month
Supply Management Month
Trisomy Awareness Month
Workplace Eye Healthy and Safety Awareness Month
Youth Art Month

Deaf History Month (March 13 – April 15)
Lent – Begins on Ash Wednesday – March 5, 2014 – April 17, 2014
National Kite Month (March 29 – May 3, 2014)

Celebrations by Week:

Week of March 1st-7th: National Aplastic Anemia & MDS Awareness
Week of March 1st-7th: National Cheerleading Week
Week of March 1st-7th: National Ghostwriters Week
Week of March 1st-7th: Universal Human Beings Week
Week of March 1st-7th: Will Eisner Week
Week of March 1st-16th: Iditarod Race
Week of March 2nd:8th: Celebrate Your Name
Week of March 2nd-8th: National Sleep Awareness
Week of March 2nd:8th: National Consumer Protection
Week of March 2nd:8th: National Schools Social Work Week
Week of March 2nd-8th: National Severe Weather Preparedness Week
Week of March 2nd:8th: National Words Matter Week
Week of March 2nd-8th: Patient Safety Awareness
Week of March 2nd-8th: Professional Pet Sitters Week
Week of March 2nd-8th: Read an E-Book Week
Week of March 2nd-8th: Return Borrowed Books Week
Week of March 2nd-8th: Save Your Vision Week
Week of March 2nd-8th: Telecommuter Appreciation Week
Week of March 2nd-8th: Women in Construction Week
Week of March 3rd-7th: Newspaper in Education Week
Week of March 3rd-7th: Share a Story – Shape a Future Week
Week of March 3rd-8th: National Invasive Species Awareness
Week of March 3rd:8th: National School Breakfast Week
Week of March 3rd-9th: National Collegiate Health and Wellness Week
Week of March 3rd-9th: Women of Aviation Worldwide
Week of March 3rd-9th: National Problem Gambling Awareness
Week of March 7th-9th: International Festival of Owls
Week of March 8th-14th: Universal Women’s Week
Week of March 8th-14th: National Procrastination Week
Week of March 9th- 15th: Girl Scout Week
Week of March 9th- 15th: National Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week
Week of March 9th-15th: Teen Tech Week
Week of March 10th-16th: Brain Awareness
Week of March 11th-17th: Turkey Vultures Return to the Living Sign
Week of March 14th-23rd: National Science & Engineering Week
Week of March 16th- 22nd: American Chocolate Week
Week of March 16th- 22nd: Health Information Professionals Week
Week of March 16th- 22nd: Inhalants and Poisons Awareness
Week of March 16th- 22nd: National Animal Poison Prevention
Week of March 16th- 22nd: National Flood Safety Awareness
Week of March 16th- 22nd: National Poison Prevention
Week of March 17th-23rd: Act Happy
Week of March 17th-23rd: National Wildlife Week
Week of March 23rd-29th: National Agriculture Week
Week of March 23rd-29th: National Cleaning Week
Week of March 23rd-29th: National Protocol Officer’s Week
Week of March 23rd-29th: National Tsunami Awareness
Week of March 25th-29th: Termite Awareness
Week of March 29th-April 6th: NanoDays
Week of March 30th-April 5th: National Week of the Ocean
Week of March 30th-April 5th: Root Canal Awareness

1st Full Week of March: National PTA Drug & Alcohol Awareness
2nd Week of March: Chocolate Chip Cookie Week
2nd Week of March: National Aardvark Week
2nd Week of March: National Bubble Week
2nd Week of March: National Crochet Week
3rd Week of March: National Manufacturing Week

Celebrations by Day:

March 1st:
Asiatic Fleet Memorial Day
Beer Day (in Iceland)
International Women of Color Day
National Fruit Compote Day
National Horse Protection Day
National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
National Pig Day
Peace Corps Day
Plan a Solo Vacation Day
Refired, Not Retired Day
Self Injury Awareness Day
Share a Smile Day
St. David’s Day
World Compliment Day

March 2nd:
Dr. Seuss Day
Namesake Day
National Banana Cream Pie Day
National Corndog Day
National Old Stuff Day
Texas Independence Day

March 3rd:
Bonza Bottler Day
Casimir Pulaski Day
I Want You to Be Happy Day
If Pets had Thumbs Day
National Anthem Day
National Cold Cuts Day
National Mulled Wine Holiday
Navy Reserves Birthday
Peach Blossom Day
Read Across America Day

March 4th:
Holy Experiment Day
Hug a GI Day
Mardi Gras Carnival (New Orleans)
National Grammar Day
National Pancake Day (IHOP)
National Pound Cake Day
Shrove Tuesday / Mardi Gras

March 5th:
Ash Wednesday (1st Day of Lent)
National Absinthe Day
National Cheese Doodle Day
National Multiple Personality Day
Town Meeting Day Vermont

March 6th:
Dentist Day
National Frozen Food Day
National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day

March 7th:
Alexander Graham Bell Day
Dress in Blue Day
Employee Appreciation Day
National Cereal Day
National Crown Roast of Pork Day
National Salesperson Day
World Day of Prayer

March 8th:
Girls Write Now Day
International Women’s Day
National Genealogy Day
National Peanut Cluster Day
National Proof Reading
Women’s Rights & International Peace Day

March 9th:
Barbie Day
Check Your Batteries Day
Daylight Savings Start
Get Over It Day
Girl Scout Sunday
Joe Franklin Day
National Crabmeat Day
National Meatball Day
National Panic Day

March 10th:
Canberra Day
International Day of Awesomeness
Land Line Telephone Day
Mario Day
National Blueberry Popover Day
National Napping Day
National Pack Your Lunch Day
National Women HIV/AIDS Awareness
Salvation Army Day
U.S. Paper Money Day

March 11th:
Johnny Appleseed Day
National Worship of Tools Day
Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day
Organize Your Home Office Day
World Plumbing Day

March 12th:
Girl Scouts Day
National Alfred Hitchcock Day
National Baked Scallops Day
Plant a Flower Day
Registered Dietitian Day

March 13th:
Coconut Torte Day
Ear Muff Day
Good Samaritan Involvement Day
K-9 Veterans Day
Ken Day
L. Ron Hubbard Day
National Jewel Day
National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day
Popcorn Lover’s Day
Smart & Sexy Day
Ta’ Anit Ester
World Kidney Day

March 14th:
Bake a Pie in Solidarity Day
International Ask A Question Day
Learn About Butterflies Day
Middle Name Pride Day
National Pi Day
National Potato Chip Day
Save a Spider Day
World Book Day

March 15th:
Ag Day, Celebrating Our Bountiful Food Supply
Brutus Day
Buzzard Day
Dumbstruck Day
Ides of March
Maple Syrup Saturday
National Everything You Think is Wrong Day
National Pears Helene Day
National Quilting Day
True Confessions Day
World Consumer Rights Day

March 16th:
Curlew Day
Freedom of Information Day
Goddard Day
Lips Appreciation Day
National Artichoke Hearts Day
National Everything You do is Right Day
St. Urho’s Day

March 17th:
St. Patrick’s Day
Campfire girls Day
Corned Beef and Cabbage Day
Evacuation Day
Submarine Day
Well-Elderly Day

March 18th:
Forgive Mom and Dad Day
Goddess of Fertility Day
National Awkward Moments Day
National Biodiesel Day
Oatmeal Cookie Day
Supreme Sacrifice Day

March 19th:
Act Happy Day
Kick Butts Day
Let’s Laugh Day
National Chocolate Caramel Day
National Day of Honor
National Poultry Day
Operation Iraqi Freedom Day
Saint Joseph’s Day
Swallows Return to San Juan Capistrano Day

March 20th:
Bed in for Peace Day
Bock Beer Day
Companies that Care Day
Extraterrestrial Abductions Day
Great American MEAT-OUT
International Astrology Day
International Day of Happiness
International Earth Day
Kiss Your Fiance Day
March Equinox
National Jump Out Day
National Native American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day –
National Ravioli Day
Proposal Day
Snowman Burning Day
Spring Equinox
Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day
World Frog Day
World Sparrow Day
World Storytelling Day

March 21st:
Big Bang Day
Brain Injury Awareness Day
California Strawberry Day
Incredible Kid Day
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
International Day of Forests and the Tree
International Day of Nowruz
National Common Courtesy Day
National Day of Action on Syringe Exchange
National Flower Day
National Fragrance Day
National French Bread Day
Single Parents Day
Spring Fairy Fun Day
World Down Syndrome Day
World Poetry Day
World Puppetry Day

March 22nd:
As Young As You Feel Day
Coq Au Vin Day
International Day of the Seal
National Bavarian Crepes Day
National Goof Off Day
National Water Day
World Water Day

March 23rd:
National Chip and Dip Day
National Melba Toast Day
National Organize Your Home Office
National Puppy Day
Near Miss Day
OK Day
World Meteorological

March 24th:
National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day
World Tuberculosis Day

March 25th:
American Diabetes Association Alert Day
Greek Independence Day
International Waffle Day
Maryland Day
National Agriculture Day
National Lobster Newberg Day
National Medal of Honor Day
National Pecan Day
Old New Year’s Day
Seward’s Day
Tolkien Reading Day

March 26th:
Legal Assistants Day
Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
Manatee Appreciation Day
National Nougat Day
Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day
Purple Day (Supporting Epilepsy Around the World)
Spinach Day

March 27th:
Celebrate Exchange Day
National Joe Day
National Spanish Paella Day
Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day
World Theater Day

March 28th:
Barnum & Bailey Day
National Black Forest Cake Day
Respect Your Cat Day
Something on a Stick Day
Weed Appreciation Day

March 29th:
Earth Hour
Knights of Columbus Founders Day
National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day
National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day
Smoke and Mirrors Day

March 30th:
National Doctors Day
National I Am In Control Day
Take A Walk In the Park Day
Turkey Neck Soup Day
Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day

March 31st:
Cesar Chavez Day
Eiffel Tower Day
National Bunsen Burner Day
National Clams on the Half Shell Day
National She’s Funny That Way
Oranges and Lemons Day
Tater Day

Need help connecting with new customers online? Our Internet Marketing services include SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and more! Contact us at 520.664.2324 or click here to get in touch.


Holidays and Observance. (March 2014). March Holidays. Retrieved from

Case Study: Just 4 Golf

Thursday, February 27th, 2014
Before:                                                                                                                   After:


Just 4 Golf modernized their homepage and added new product collections through the work of                    Go Web Solutions®

Download the PDF | Return to all Case Studies

The Introduction
Just for Golf was aware that their homepage of their ecommerce website is the first thing their potential customers see when they visit their site. Their homepage is what can make or break the sale. It can either draw people in to view their products or make them leave their site before their products ever had a chance of attracting their attention.

The Situation
The old homepage was outdated and did not visually attract visitors to their site. The old homepage featured a lot of green grass that pulled focus away the products. The website was in need of a modern design that leads customers to shop the different collections they have to offer. It also lacked focus on what each element on the site was about. The text promoting the free shipping offers was not noticeable. The social media buttons weren’t recognized easily when someone approached the website.

The Solution
We redesigned the homepage with eye catching elements. The design now incorporates all the key elements of the page in a cleaner look. The initial focus on the homepage is a slideshow that promotes the top collections sold on the site. We also added boxes that highlight collections by gender favorites to show that these products can be used by anyone. “Free Shipping” and “Deals & Alerts” now stand out with graphics that flows with the rest of page design.  A person can easily find where to connect with the company on social media with buttons that don’t hide within the site.

The Results
The new website design has made it easier for people to navigate to shop through their collections. This will increase the number of traffic there is that stays on their website in hopes of bringing in more new and repeat customers. Visit their website to see the newly remodeled homepage at


The Benefits of Using SlideShare for a Business

Monday, February 24th, 2014

The Benefits of Using SlideShare for a Business

SlideShare is another form of sharing content. It’s purpose acts like a PowerPoint presentation with an easy to use click through slideshow that displays your intended content all in one place for all to see. The most common forms of SlideShares are presentations, blogs, and how to guides, but are not limited to solely one type of content. What makes these guides so user friendly is the convenience of these slides. Since they are located all in one place, a person can flip through the entire SlideShare while staying on the same page. All the information is presented on one page outlining all the content so none gets overlooked.

What are the benefits to me?

Provides Sharable Content

Assuming that the written content is up to par and your presentation has appropriate images that match, your SlideShare will be a popular and sharable item. People love something that is easy to read and will be more likely to share it if they find it valuable or fun. Let’s be honest, using only a click of the mouse to view each slide is fun and interactive for many making a SlideShare easily sharable. It’s even written in the name! With the correct branding and use of their business’ name, they can use this tool to get their name out there while bringing in new business.

Appeals to a Person’s Sense of Imagery

The imagery used in each SlideShare allows for a more pleasant experience of getting your content noticed. In a visual world, using photos and icons to describe your main points will be more noticeable than scrolling through a list of texts. Imagery does not need to be limited to photos, but can also be the text itself written in a unique way that stands out by emphasizing the key words or concepts.

Acts as a Timesaver

With the increasing number of blogs, how do you find time to read all the blogs pertinent to your company? It’s impossible to try and read everything and you shouldn’t have to as long as you can read a few good blogs that will give you insights and tips in your industry. You can save time and read more by mixing it up and spending some of the time viewing a SlideShare as your quick read for the day. You will find that you are able to read it and move on the next in a matter of a few minutes saving you time in your day to dedicate to your business.

Need content assistance or want to learn more about how we can help you with your internet marketing, then contact the team at Go Web Solutions for more information.

Extend Your Brand to Your Social Media Sites

Monday, February 17th, 2014

Extend Your Brand to Your Social Media Sites

Your brand is what your company will be recognized for. It’s the colors and your logo that represents your company. Your brand tells the story of who you are. When selecting a brand, choose wisely because you’re going to want to be known for a positive image that also accurately depicts your goods and services. There is nothing worse than a misrepresented or misunderstood brand. If you have your brand in place, the next question you want to ask yourself are you showcasing your brand through every means available?

Social media is the perfect place for you to display your brand proud for everyone to see. Each social media site is different in where you place your brand. However, the majority of sites will have a location for your logo and a banner cover. Your cover photo is where you get to have fun with your brand. Even though you want to maintain the same look, colors, and feel to your brand; you can still try a new approach with your banner cover.

For your cover photo, consider using a graphic that incorporates your colors, your slogan or motto, and a photo that represents your products/services. Another idea, is to do something similar to what we have done on our cover photo. If possible, show an example of your portfolio through your photo to clearly show them a collection of your work. If you have recently done an ad or have a business card/brochure that enhances your brand, then create a cover photo that reflects your marketing efforts. The great thing about your cover photo is that periodically you can change it as long as it stays true to your brand as a company.

If you want to learn more about branding or ways to improve your social media, then sign up at to be one of the first to be notified on the release of our Social Media Quickies. The complete guides include setting up the top social media sites to learning tips to market through social media like a pro. We also will be offering our bonus guides for a Sample Marketing Plan and Content Guide for your Social Media Marketing.

Content Speaks Volumes for SEO

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

You hear it said time and time again that quality content is important for your website, your social media sites, and your blog. Content is great for many reasons. I want to zero in on why it matters for search engine optimization (SEO). In a nutshell, search engine optimization can be defined as the process it takes to get your website higher search engine rankings in order to give your website more visibility. There are three practices to put into play that will bring you one step closer to optimizing your website through your content.

Select Appropriate Keywords

First take the time to focus in on who you want to target. What type of person are you looking to attract to your website? Define what your perfect customer looks like. Then, do some research to find out the key words or phrases they are using to to find your competitors. If those keywords describe what your company does and it’s what you want to be known for, then you have found your ideal keywords. Don’t limit yourself to just one set of keywords as there could be multiple  words that work for you. As soon as you have selected your keywords, you want to apply them to your website by having your keywords throughout your website content and blogs.

Keep it Fresh

Having the appropriate content on your website isn’t enough anymore. Search engines look for websites that are dynamic.They want to direct people to an up to date website that provides fresh content on a consistent basis. There is no reason to continually rewrite your entire website when you can easily provide fresh content that is SEO friendly on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis through your blog. That’s right your blog has multiple ways to drive new traffic to your website. A blog is the perfect location to use those keywords and to keep fresh content on your website. As important as images are to marketing and even to your content, for this purpose make sure that you also add substantial content through your words turning your blog into an SEO marketing machine. If you’re not the best writer and better convey your message through speaking, then you’re in luck. Your keywords can also be placed on a video blog that can help you improve your search rankings. If you prefer videos, think of how many of your followers feel the same way.

Engage through Content

Now that you found the perfect mix of keywords and you have kept it up to date on your website, you need to have a process of keeping those customers you attracted in through SEO. When people view that blog, what does it make them think about? You want to have engaging content that will keep them there long enough to read all the way through your blog, and once they are finished it should direct them to the meat of your website where you will be able to make a sale.

These tips combined make up just a very small portion of SEO with a big impact on those customers who visit your site. If you would like a complete SEO package, contact us at  520.664.2324 for more information.

Case Study: AAZK: American Association of Zoo Keepers

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

AAZK improves the look of their website with redesign created by the team at Go Web Solutions®

Download the PDF | Return to all Case Studies

AAZK understood the purpose of website and how it can effectively bring in new members if the member login is easily accessible and the website itself is fun and easy to navigate. They not only realized how important the look of the website is the attract new customers, but the functionality is just as important in drawing people to your website and keeping them there to browse through the information and shop.

The Situation
The previous website was difficult to navigate because the site lacked organization allowing for people to locate items quickly. The website also was in need of an updated website that enticed new members to join. The previous member login was not secure and did not offer multifunctional reporting capabilities. The ecommerce only offered the option for people to pay via PayPal.

The Solution
We completely redesigned their website with an interactive look that is now neatly organized and arranged for items to be located quickly. We added ecommerce to the website for members to renew or join their membership online and for consumers to purchase memorabilia from the site. We fixed the member login that functions easily and offer reporting capabilities for the company.

The Results
The American Association of Zoo Keepers benefited from the new website with an increase in membership. Both current and future members have commented on how organized the new website has become and how it now offers a visually appealing look. They feel that the website invites them to take a look and stay awhile. With happy customers, the new website has become a successful solution for AAZK.

Visit their website at


Use the Pinterest Place Board To Promote Your Business

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Use the Pinterest Place Board To Promote Your Business

By now, you have probably seen the new “Place Board” feature Pinterest released this past November. You may have thought ”Wow, this is a great idea. How can I use it for my business?” I have created a list of different types of businesses and how this new feature could be used to market them.

Leave us a comment, if you have more ideas on how best to leverage the Place Board feature.

1. Hotels

A hotel has the unique opportunity of receiving many out of town guests who are always looking for restaurants nearby or activities in the area. Make it accessible to them before they arrive. Show them why your hotel is the best selection for them by creating a Place Board of all the favorite local restaurants. Include restaurants within walking distance from your hotel for those who don’t have a mode of transportation. Another Place Board you can create is a list of  activities, malls, golf courses, tourist sites, etc… in the area that may interest them. The last non-conventional Place Board that a hotel can use is to provide a list of the local churches or wedding vendors for those who are having their wedding reception or group block at your hotel. The list of churches might also be helpful for some of your other hotel guests.

2. Event Planners

An event planner can create multiple boards for event venues, and one for other vendors in the area, that they may direct them to. They also might want to create a Place Board of popular Honeymoon destinations.

3. Airlines

An airline can easily create multiple Place Boards of popular vacation destinations that they fly to. It could even be beneficial for them to create one for every state or city with restaurants, hotels, and attractions.

4. Real Estate Agents

A real estate agent can most definitely use a Place Board as a marketing tool. They can put their most popular listings or ones they are in need of selling quickly on a place board for potential buyers to see their options in the area of town where they are looking to buy.

5. Products

If you sell a product in the multiple stores across town, then list those stores on your Place Board with a photo of a different product for each of the locations.

6. Stores & Restaurants

This idea is pretty easy, if you own a franchise business then make sure people know where they can find you. Let’s say someone was to go out of town, but has a craving for your specialty dish. I am sure they can see all your locations on your website. It doesn’t hurt to make it more visible by having more ways for them to find you.

7.  Other Businesses

The truth is we can all create a Place Board on our Pinterest in form or another. If you’re not sure how to best put together your Place Board, then start with something easy. Create a Place Board for the city you live in with the town highlights. If nothing else, it will give your local readers something to relate to and a reason to follow your board. Remember to add your own business to that list.

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