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Prep your Followers to Expect the “Pot of Gold”

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Prep your Followers to Expect the Pot of Gold

The “pot of gold” or useful tip you give your followers should be something they can rely on you to give them on a continual basis. When planning out your social media schedule, come up with a plan that offers the same type of tool that your followers can expect to see on the same day of the week or month. Keeping a consistent schedule will help bring your followers back to your profile waiting in anticipation for that next blog.

For example, set up your social media schedule to look similar to this layout (or one of your choosing):

  •     Mondays: Weekly Tip
  •     Tuesdays: Weekly Blog
  •     Wednesdays: Question of the Week
  •     Thursdays: Share a Resource
  •     Fridays: Fun Fact Day

By offering your followers tools that will either help them, make them more knowledgeable of your company, or just give them interesting or fun information, you are providing them with a way to connect with your company. You are also giving them a reason to want to come back and tell other’s about your company. By being dependable, you are preparing your followers to expect that “pot of gold” you offer. Use this opportunity to reel new customers in.

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Facebook: Personal vs Business Page

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Facebook: Personal vs Business Page

When connecting to Facebook, some business owners may find it difficult deciphering whether to use a personal profile versus a business page. For the sake of your business, always create a business page and forgo using your personal profile to promote your business. Here are the top reasons why a business page is more beneficial and professional.

1. Your business will be easier to find because your business name will be more recognizable than your personal name. People will be more likely to look for a business when searching for them online than the person behind the business. They want to validate the company that it exists and one way to do that is to look at it’s Facebook page.

2. You can show your brand on your business page. A business page can be branded with your logo and a Timeline Photo that represents your brand. This plays back into making your company more recognizable. Also, people prefer to see a logo than a photo of the CEO on the page. They trust that logo.

3. Don’t mix business with pleasure; be professional! If you’re using your personal profile page as your business page, you will have times when your comments or status posts will be too personal for the image you’re trying to portray. Nobody wants to see the photo your mom tagged you in on “Throwback Thursday” of you in your diapers. They want to hear about your business.

4. It’s easier for people to connect with you by Liking your page. With a business page, all a person has to do is “Like” your page for your status updates to appear on their News Feed. With a personal page, they have to add you as a friend and wait for you to add them back. Not only is it an extra step for you, but it’s one that people might not take because being friends means that you can also see their profile. They want to be able to follow your company without having to share all their information in return.

5. A business page allows for multiple users (employees) to be connected to your business page. If you have a Social Media Manager or have hired a company to run your social media marketing, then you want to be able to give them access to the page without giving them access to your personal page. Plus, you can both stay connected as well as any other employees who may write a post. This gives more visibility to your Facebook page.

6. Gives people the opportunity to “check-in” at your establishment. If someone “checks-in” at your place of business, it provides more eposure of your business name on someone else’s profile.

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The Benefits of Using SlideShare for a Business

Monday, February 24th, 2014

The Benefits of Using SlideShare for a Business

SlideShare is another form of sharing content. It’s purpose acts like a PowerPoint presentation with an easy to use click through slideshow that displays your intended content all in one place for all to see. The most common forms of SlideShares are presentations, blogs, and how to guides, but are not limited to solely one type of content. What makes these guides so user friendly is the convenience of these slides. Since they are located all in one place, a person can flip through the entire SlideShare while staying on the same page. All the information is presented on one page outlining all the content so none gets overlooked.

What are the benefits to me?

Provides Sharable Content

Assuming that the written content is up to par and your presentation has appropriate images that match, your SlideShare will be a popular and sharable item. People love something that is easy to read and will be more likely to share it if they find it valuable or fun. Let’s be honest, using only a click of the mouse to view each slide is fun and interactive for many making a SlideShare easily sharable. It’s even written in the name! With the correct branding and use of their business’ name, they can use this tool to get their name out there while bringing in new business.

Appeals to a Person’s Sense of Imagery

The imagery used in each SlideShare allows for a more pleasant experience of getting your content noticed. In a visual world, using photos and icons to describe your main points will be more noticeable than scrolling through a list of texts. Imagery does not need to be limited to photos, but can also be the text itself written in a unique way that stands out by emphasizing the key words or concepts.

Acts as a Timesaver

With the increasing number of blogs, how do you find time to read all the blogs pertinent to your company? It’s impossible to try and read everything and you shouldn’t have to as long as you can read a few good blogs that will give you insights and tips in your industry. You can save time and read more by mixing it up and spending some of the time viewing a SlideShare as your quick read for the day. You will find that you are able to read it and move on the next in a matter of a few minutes saving you time in your day to dedicate to your business.

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Extend Your Brand to Your Social Media Sites

Monday, February 17th, 2014

Extend Your Brand to Your Social Media Sites

Your brand is what your company will be recognized for. It’s the colors and your logo that represents your company. Your brand tells the story of who you are. When selecting a brand, choose wisely because you’re going to want to be known for a positive image that also accurately depicts your goods and services. There is nothing worse than a misrepresented or misunderstood brand. If you have your brand in place, the next question you want to ask yourself are you showcasing your brand through every means available?

Social media is the perfect place for you to display your brand proud for everyone to see. Each social media site is different in where you place your brand. However, the majority of sites will have a location for your logo and a banner cover. Your cover photo is where you get to have fun with your brand. Even though you want to maintain the same look, colors, and feel to your brand; you can still try a new approach with your banner cover.

For your cover photo, consider using a graphic that incorporates your colors, your slogan or motto, and a photo that represents your products/services. Another idea, is to do something similar to what we have done on our cover photo. If possible, show an example of your portfolio through your photo to clearly show them a collection of your work. If you have recently done an ad or have a business card/brochure that enhances your brand, then create a cover photo that reflects your marketing efforts. The great thing about your cover photo is that periodically you can change it as long as it stays true to your brand as a company.

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Content Speaks Volumes for SEO

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

You hear it said time and time again that quality content is important for your website, your social media sites, and your blog. Content is great for many reasons. I want to zero in on why it matters for search engine optimization (SEO). In a nutshell, search engine optimization can be defined as the process it takes to get your website higher search engine rankings in order to give your website more visibility. There are three practices to put into play that will bring you one step closer to optimizing your website through your content.

Select Appropriate Keywords

First take the time to focus in on who you want to target. What type of person are you looking to attract to your website? Define what your perfect customer looks like. Then, do some research to find out the key words or phrases they are using to to find your competitors. If those keywords describe what your company does and it’s what you want to be known for, then you have found your ideal keywords. Don’t limit yourself to just one set of keywords as there could be multiple  words that work for you. As soon as you have selected your keywords, you want to apply them to your website by having your keywords throughout your website content and blogs.

Keep it Fresh

Having the appropriate content on your website isn’t enough anymore. Search engines look for websites that are dynamic.They want to direct people to an up to date website that provides fresh content on a consistent basis. There is no reason to continually rewrite your entire website when you can easily provide fresh content that is SEO friendly on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis through your blog. That’s right your blog has multiple ways to drive new traffic to your website. A blog is the perfect location to use those keywords and to keep fresh content on your website. As important as images are to marketing and even to your content, for this purpose make sure that you also add substantial content through your words turning your blog into an SEO marketing machine. If you’re not the best writer and better convey your message through speaking, then you’re in luck. Your keywords can also be placed on a video blog that can help you improve your search rankings. If you prefer videos, think of how many of your followers feel the same way.

Engage through Content

Now that you found the perfect mix of keywords and you have kept it up to date on your website, you need to have a process of keeping those customers you attracted in through SEO. When people view that blog, what does it make them think about? You want to have engaging content that will keep them there long enough to read all the way through your blog, and once they are finished it should direct them to the meat of your website where you will be able to make a sale.

These tips combined make up just a very small portion of SEO with a big impact on those customers who visit your site. If you would like a complete SEO package, contact us at  520.664.2324 for more information.

Use the Pinterest Place Board To Promote Your Business

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Use the Pinterest Place Board To Promote Your Business

By now, you have probably seen the new “Place Board” feature Pinterest released this past November. You may have thought ”Wow, this is a great idea. How can I use it for my business?” I have created a list of different types of businesses and how this new feature could be used to market them.

Leave us a comment, if you have more ideas on how best to leverage the Place Board feature.

1. Hotels

A hotel has the unique opportunity of receiving many out of town guests who are always looking for restaurants nearby or activities in the area. Make it accessible to them before they arrive. Show them why your hotel is the best selection for them by creating a Place Board of all the favorite local restaurants. Include restaurants within walking distance from your hotel for those who don’t have a mode of transportation. Another Place Board you can create is a list of  activities, malls, golf courses, tourist sites, etc… in the area that may interest them. The last non-conventional Place Board that a hotel can use is to provide a list of the local churches or wedding vendors for those who are having their wedding reception or group block at your hotel. The list of churches might also be helpful for some of your other hotel guests.

2. Event Planners

An event planner can create multiple boards for event venues, and one for other vendors in the area, that they may direct them to. They also might want to create a Place Board of popular Honeymoon destinations.

3. Airlines

An airline can easily create multiple Place Boards of popular vacation destinations that they fly to. It could even be beneficial for them to create one for every state or city with restaurants, hotels, and attractions.

4. Real Estate Agents

A real estate agent can most definitely use a Place Board as a marketing tool. They can put their most popular listings or ones they are in need of selling quickly on a place board for potential buyers to see their options in the area of town where they are looking to buy.

5. Products

If you sell a product in the multiple stores across town, then list those stores on your Place Board with a photo of a different product for each of the locations.

6. Stores & Restaurants

This idea is pretty easy, if you own a franchise business then make sure people know where they can find you. Let’s say someone was to go out of town, but has a craving for your specialty dish. I am sure they can see all your locations on your website. It doesn’t hurt to make it more visible by having more ways for them to find you.

7.  Other Businesses

The truth is we can all create a Place Board on our Pinterest in form or another. If you’re not sure how to best put together your Place Board, then start with something easy. Create a Place Board for the city you live in with the town highlights. If nothing else, it will give your local readers something to relate to and a reason to follow your board. Remember to add your own business to that list.

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Plan Ahead for the Perfect Website

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Plan Ahead for the Perfect Website

When planning out that you are in need of brand new website or a redesign to market your company, there can sometimes be a pressing deadline of when you need everything completed. That deadline might be a launch of a new business, an upcoming event, a trade show or convention, a conference, a business anniversary, or an important business meeting with strict expectations. How do you plan for such a project and most importantly, how much time should you allow for this project to be completed?

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Once you have decided that you are in need of a website or need major changes to to the original website, then you need to start the planning on your end right away. There are a lot of elements to consider when mapping out your website design. First, consider the purpose of the website and who you are targeting.Think about what you want your website to say about you and will that message be identifiable to your target audience. Is this vision going to reach your buyer persona? Have that clear cut vision before doing anything else. Otherwise, you will struggle in trying to continue on in the process of your website development. Plus, it will make the next stages flow easily.

Decide what pages you want and the general idea of the content and features that will be listed on each page. If it will help, draw the navigation out to clearly visualize where to place the content. If you want to save time during the web design process, write out all of your content ahead of time. Although, it’s not necessary to have all your content completed beforehand, and your web design company can assist you if you get stuck. Even having some semblance of content will give you a direction.

Have an idea of how visual you want your website to look. Consider elements such as a mobile friendly or interactive version of your website. If you can find examples those are always best. Some web design companies also offer a web design portfolio of their work where you select websites as an example of how you want your website to look. These examples will serve as a guideline of where you would like your website to be.

The final pre-planning you want in place is figuring out your budget. Plan out your budget for what you can realistically spend with some leeway for any necessary additions you may need or want to add on.

How long does a new website take?

Every project has a different timeline according to what all their site entails.  We recommend that for the majority of our customers that you start the planning 6 months prior to the date you need the website completed by for that big event or business launch date. We are not saying that it will take 6 months for a completed timeline. What we are saying is that you want to be so prepared that you have a website in advance so that you can rest easy that your website is completed in time, and it gives you time to market it through other venues in the meantime leading up to that big date creating a buzz for your company.  If you wait until the last minute, you may find that a website company cannot complete the website by your requested date due to their current projects. The project could also be held up if they are waiting to receive your content. To ensure that you get what you need without the added rush factor, plan ahead.

If for some reason the longer timeline does not work for you due to an unexpected event or need to have the website right away, then there are always ways to work together. If the deadline is impossible to make, then the project can be looked at in different phases to give you something tangible to work with for that day.

If you need assistance in the website planning process or are ready to start your new website design, contact the team at Go Web Solutions for more details at 520.664.2324.

Consumers Love Helpful Tips

Monday, January 20th, 2014

You’re probably thinking to yourself, how does a blog about helpful tips in my industry relate to marketing and how can it help me? Well, let me ask you this, do you think our weekly marketing tips are helping you? If you answered yes, then maybe it’s time you put these tips into practice. If you want to reach your consumers, than you need to think like them. If you were in their shoes, would a helpful tip or bullet point list inspire them to try your product or service? Absolutely it would!

We live in a society where there are literally thousands of people who can do exactly what you do. There are so many options to choose from that it can be overwhelming for the everyday consumer. Make it easier for them by teaching them how to use your product before they buy it or providing them with a tip that will make their experience better.

The other component to consider is to make sure they see it! In a visually centered world, there is no room for boring content. Make your list pop by adding a graphic or photo that relates to your tip, creating an infographic that easily navigates your bullet points, a video showing how to use it, or a SlideShare that catches attention. Try all the options to reach a broader scope of people.

We understand that compiling and disbursing content can be overwhelming, that’s why we’re here to help with our internet marketing packages that will focus on drawing in new customers with powerful content ideas such as this one. Contact us for more information on how we can grow your online presence.


Write About What You Want Your Readers To Hear

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Write About What You Want Your Readers To Hear

What’s the purpose of your blog? Take the time this year to review and reevaluate what your target audience wants. Read through your blog as if you were your customer. Think about what you would want to take away from reading those blog posts. Is the point clearly stated or do you have trouble deciphering your own words? What does your blog reflect about your company and does it provide value to your readers?

For this week’s marketing tip, we want to give you ideas for writing a blog post that will answer those lingering questions your customers want to know. Once you’re through with these steps, you will be writing in a way this year that will appeal to your readers. You will be writing about what you want your readers to hear, not what you hope they take away from your post.

The first step is finding out what your customers want to know about your company, your business, or your product/service. The best way to do that is to ask them. You can find out what they want to know by writing a blog or by doing a survey or questionnaire. Another way is have an open forum on your website where people can leave their questions or comments. If none of these ways leaves you with the information you need, then do some digging. Comb through your previous blog comments, emails from clients, and take notes from your phone conversations to track the most common questions or concerns you receive.

The second step after figuring out what it is most your customers want, is to formulate a blog topic that will not only answer their questions, but go above and beyond. Provide them with an answer that will knock their socks off by giving them something practical they can use or take away from the post. Most importantly, write the response in a way that gives them the answer YOU want them to hear. A blog post needs to be beneficial to both your customers and your company. You are taking the time out of your busy day to write the blog and you want it to be well worth it in the hopes of receiving new long-lasting business.

The last step is making sure your target audience sees that you took the time to answer their questions and write a blog they actually want to read. It cannot be said enough to promote your blog! Post it on your social media, send it in an email, and mention it to others every chance you get. The best part is since your blogs all now provide answers to your customers’ questions, you can direct them to your blog every time they have a question that you have written a blog post about. Go a step further and send the blog to a past request for the answer to that question and see how surprised they will be to see you remembered.

If you know what answers you want to write about, but need assistance in formulating them into a blog post, then check out our monthly blogging package that will provide you with custom blogs based on the topics you want to cover.

Ring in the New Year by Building Followers

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

When venturing into the social media world, there is always the added challenge of wondering how to build more followers. Building your audience is an essential step to reaching more people and gaining more business.Without your followers you are not going to get a large return on investment through using social media. It will have the same impact as you would if you were to tell all your great ideas to an empty room. So, how do you fill up that room with the right people? We are going to let you in on a few secrets that can bring more followers, page likes, and +1’s to your page.

Follow, Like, and +1 Others

When using social media, you get what you give. Meaning, if you want other people to like or +1 your page, then find others who you want to connect with. Many times people will follow you if you follow their page in return. In that same regard, people who follow other businesses may find your business and want to connect with you because they trust that company. If you follow an industry leader and engage with them, you will open the doors of opportunity to bring in new followers and new business. The same will be true if you connect to other business professionals in your community that you can send and receive referrals to one another. Whoever you choose to follow, the key is find people who you believe will bring value to your business, whether it be a new lead, a business connection or someone who will enhance your social media presence.

Join Groups, Communities, and Lists

Get your name out there by joining different groups that will either be made up of your target audience, in the same industry as you, or offer networking opportunities. Think in terms of how these groups can generate leads. If there isn’t a group that will fit what you’re looking for, then create your own and invite current customers, business connections, and industry leaders. Each social media site has a different name for these groups, but they all offer the same significance to you in getting connected and broadening the scope in which your content can be shared.

Advertise Which Social Media Sites That You’re On

Tell people that you have a Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest account. It’s as simple as that. There are many ways for someone to say “Like us on Facebook” so don’t be afraid to use different tactics. We find the best way to advertise that you have a specific social media account is to make it known on your website with social media buttons that they can click on and open to your profile page. What could be easier than that?

Another highly successful approach is by adding those icons to all of your marketing materials. The Twitter bird is universally recognized and when adding it to your business cards, commercials, brochures, or billboards, you are requesting people to follow you. Why not utilize the blank space on your marketing to advertise another way for your future customers to connect to your business?

With these three secrets to building more followers, you will be able to ring in the new year with more followers than before and expand your business leads.  If you need help building more followers, contact the team at Go Web Solutions to manage your social media sites and you will  see an increase in your ROI in no time.