A Billion Reasons to use Facebook for Business

I still get that funny look when I recommend social media marketing to small business owners. I’d say equal parts cute, alarmed and even a little funny – that little squirm and the slight look of pain when I tell them I think it’s a good idea to use social media. For some, you’d think I was recommending a root canal.

And now comes the giant slap in the forehead. Facebook announced yesterday it has over 1 Billion users.

Numbers just don’t lie. That’s 1 in 7 people in the world that now have that familiar blue page up on their computers, smartphones, and yes, even televisions. If you are in business and you still aren’t using Facebook, you may want to find some time to get in the game. It’s a simple idea – go where your customers are. Chances are, they have a Facebook account, and may be on other social sites too.

Let me give you some perspective:

Yes, Facebook has grown faster than even the Internet itself. I was a little shocked too.

Here is how Facebook usage compares to other social media sites, as of August 2012, according to Pew Internet:

So, are you convinced yet that having a Facebook for Business page is a good idea? If you say no, I’m not going to laugh or anything. Just remember what I said every time someone asks if you are on Facebook.

This post was written by Joey Ambrose on October 05, 2012

Joey is the President and CEO of Go Web Solutions, an award-winning web design and Internet marketing company in Tucson, Arizona. When he's not helping clients get the most from their web sites, Joey enjoys cycling, running, swimming and hiking. Contact him at: joey@gowebsolutions.com or on Google+

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