5 Ways to Love Your Website

A website is a key component to marketing your business. Be sure that you love your website so that others will too. Here’s our list of 5 ways you can show love to your website by updating it with modern features and designs.

  1. Make it Mobile Friendly: A mobile friendly website will be visible to more users on multiple types of screens.
  2. Have a Clean Design: De-clutter the design to a clean, easy to view look. They won’t be able to take their eyes off of it.
  3. Use Images They’ll Love: Have images that represent your brand and add pop to your website. Attractive images will catch more attention initially than anything else on your site. If you’re feeling adventurous, opt for interactive, animated images.
  4. Keep your Content Fresh: You want your users to come back to your website for more. Content can be current by adding a blog to keep them updated on the top tips or latest projects.
  5. Incorporate Social Media: Make it super easy for them to share the love by liking your blog or pinning your photo directly from your web pages to bring more traffic back to your website.

Tell us why you love your website! If you can’t think of a reason why you love your website, then it’s time to consider a website redesign with these changes in mind to make it more user friendly with a modern look and feel that you can’t help, but fall in love with. Contact us at 520.664.2324 to learn more about how we can design you a website you will love.

This post was written by Alexis Humphrey on February 14, 2014

Alexis specializes in social media marketing. With her creative touch, she will constantly be adding new content to keep you interested. She can be reached at alexis@gowebsolutions.com.

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