5 Tips for Successful Business Blogging

5 Tips for Successful Business BloggingWe know that having a unique and well-written blog will help with your search engine rankings. There are 5 keys to creating a great blog.

1. Use Visuals: Adding pictures or video to your blog will help attract and keep your readers.
2. Write an Attention Getting Headline: How to, Best of, Tips and Tricks.
3. Post Frequently: Set an initial goal of once per week and increase that. Publish new content each week and on the same day thus creating credibility.
4. Provide Value: Showcase your knowledge and expertise in your industry.
5. Call-to-Action: Incorporate links to other relevant content on your site and a call to action to click for more information.

Here is an inforgraphic for your convenience. Download here:
5 Tips for Successful Business Blogging Infographic

The tips are from the following article. For further reading: 5 Tips for Creating Traffic Driving Posts

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This post was written by Stacey Harding on August 26, 2013

Stacey lives and breathes marketing. She hails from Los Angeles where she honed her skills working at some of the top ad agencies in the country. She is always looking for new ways to tell our clients’ stories. She can be reached at stacey@gowebsolutions.com.

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